Australia's energy transmission industry calls for carbon trading Emissions intensity scheme is the least costly way of reducing greenhouse gases, Energy Networks Australia and Csiro say

Katharine MurphyPolitical editor

Australia’s electricity and gas transmission industry is calling on the Turnbull government to implement a form of carbon trading in the national electricity market by 2022 and review the scope for economy-wide carbon pricing by 2027.

EnergyNetworks Australia warns in a new report examining how to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2050 that policy stability and regulatory certainty are the key to delivering lower power prices and reliable electricity supply.

UK to keep carbon price steady through Brexit

Published on 23/11/2016, 2:43pm

Polluters will continue to pay a minimum carbon price of £18 a tonne to 2020, says chancellor in Autumn Statement
By Megan Darby
British power generators and heavy industries will continue to pay at least £18 a tonne (US$22) for carbon dioxide emissions permits for the rest of the decade.

Since 2013, the UK has put a surcharge on the market price under the EU emissions trading system, which is around the €5/t ($5) mark.

In his Autumn Statement on Wednesday, Chancellor Philip Hammond signalled an intention to continue to make polluters pay while the government negotiates an exit from the EU.

If Trump quits, California could apply to join UN climate talks

Published on 17/11/2016, 3:32pm

Head of state senate says legal brains are exploring ways in which golden state could be represented if Trump pulls nation from Paris Agreement
By Ed Kingin Marrakech
If Donald Trump pulls the US out of the UN climate process in early 2017, the world’s sixth largest economy could try and fill the sizeable hole it leaves1.
Asked by Climate Home on Thursday if the golden state could replace the United States, California senate leader Kevin De Leon said it was an “option that I want to keep open”.