Broadway’s Rising Star from Thailand and her sharing of “Low Carbon” Lifestyle

         Nowadays the issue of “global warming” is recognized as one of the most pressing environmental problems which calls for global communities and nations to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and hold the global temperature from rising to the level that would be harmful to the earth. Now let’s hear from a rising star who now reside in the U.S. from her perspective of one of the world citizens on how she manages to help reduce greenhouse gases and global warming.

          Soraya Patoonsittichai or “Seira” for short, a Thai-Japanese who graduated from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University, is an actress, a model, a dancer, and a ballerina who is known for her role in the movie “Sud-kate Sa-late-ped” with “Pae Arak”; her appearance on Dtac advertisement, Fuji Japanese Restaurant, True Move 3G; as well as a dancer for artists such as “Bird Thongchai”, “Golf-Mike” and “Chin Chinawat” to name a few.

          The young lady had decided to travel across the sea to the U.S. with the aim to follow her dream which all started with an audition which led to her appearance in an opening performance of Madonna, the highly acclaimed American singer. Following to this is a packed portfolio including modelling for London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and appearing on product advertisements for Apple, Ebay, Christian Dior, Reeboks, and AdidasSxAW17. Seira also played in movies like Season of Love Central Park and How to be Single, as well as in television series including Mysteries of Laura, VINYL Rock & Roll, Unforgettable season 4, Mozart of Jungle, Billions, Gotham Season 2 and 3, Okja, and Quantico Season 2 & 3.

          Currently, Seira is a lead performer for the Repertoire NYC Ballet and the Albano Ballet and BYA. She is the first Thai who is casted to play “Eliza” in a Broadway “The King and I” which has now started to play across the U.S. and Canada. Seira is also casted as the lead actress in a new series “Platinum Dreams” which is to air for the first time on Poyzen and Amazon.

          Asking about global warming, Seira expresses her view that everyone can help contribute to tackling global warming in everyday life in many ways. For example, it has become a habit for her and many of her dancer colleagues to carry tumblers with them when they leave home in order to reduce waste and not to buy plastic water bottles. Another good example comes for the fact that the State she lives in collect toll fee as many as 15 Dollars for crossing from New Jersey to New York. However, the fee will be reduced to only 7 Dollars if a car has 4 passengers. This leads to a creation of “spot car pool” where people can get a hitchhike and thereby reduce the cost of both fuel and the fee. The reduction of cars on the roads in itself also reduces the cause of global warming.

          During the Summer, Seira will use a city bike. Because New York provides city bike stations roughly every second street blocks, the use of city bikes is therefore rather convenient. This helps encouraging good health for New Yorkers as well as reducing air pollution from cars.

          Seira comments that while certain groups of Americans do not believe that climate change nor global warming is real and happening, she nevertheless notices and experienced by herself that the weather of New York where she lives in is quite unstable. During the afternoon, the temperature can rise to as high as 100 degree Fahrenheit while in the evening the temperature can drop to under 40 degree Fahrenheit. Seasons such as Winter arrive unexpectedly later than usual. She therefore believes that the impact of global warming will become more and more severe. Everyone whether living in Thailand, the U.S., or anywhere else in the world will need to lend their hands to help combat climate change – by changing perspectives and lifestyles in order to help reduce global warming: whether it is by reducing the use of energy, use of plastic, creation of waste, or by supporting environmentally-friendly products. All of which is ultimately for the well-being of the future generations to come.